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Here at the Silesian Holistic Center, we believe that what is natural is cleansing, what is balanced promotes healing, relieves pain and induces harmonious homeostasis. Central to the time-tested remedies provided by us is Hirudo-Therapy, better known as leech therapy. The medicinal leeches work to rectify specific disorders through healing and detoxification of the body. The body can only be sick when it is either born with defects or it is poisened. Poisened with food and industrial chemicals which masquerade as household cleaners, cosmetic products and pharmaceutical drugs. These contaminents are commonplace and unmeasured in our modern environment. Our philosophy is that whole-body health can be achieved through natural cleansing and detoxification. By unlocking our natural ability to self-heal, once the cause (toxins) are eliminated, the body restores its natural homeostasis: unspoiled, uncorrupted and unpolluted.

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The First rule of healing - Do not harm
- Hippocrates

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  • Leeches in the United States

    Beginning in the 1970’s, medical technology companies and large international pharmaceutical concerns initiated sustained efforts to discourage the use of leeches in medical treatments, especially in microsurgery.

  • Their motive?

    At that time, engineers were beginning attempts to create an apparatus – the artificial leech – that would imitate the healing behavior of real leeches. The end result were machines that were far costlier, notably less effective, and totally unnatural compared with the use of the lowly leech.

  • This prompted the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA)

    to re-examine the medicinal qualities of leeches and approve them as medical devices in 2004.

  • This approval was not only a victory of the natural over the artificial,

    it also sparked renewed interest and supporting research in using leeches in both conventional and holistic treatments. Every day, forward-leaning hospitals and therapists in America are rediscovering the wellness effects of leech therapy.

  • Patients searching for a new, yet at the same time old,

    time-tested solution to illnesses and pains are invited to consult with the Silesian Holistic Center of New York, where advanced leech therapy is central to our wellness mission.

When it comes to modalities and holistic treatment, what is good, endures.

At the center we use leeches in three different ways:
· Comprehensive Full-Body Detoxification
· Organic Leech Face-Lift
· Local Leech Application Per Ailment

Comprehensive Full-Body Detoxification

This protocol consists of leech application to individual organs. Through this whole-body cleansing program, homeostasis — the functioning balance among the body’s organs and systems — can be achieved by elimination of metabolic wastes and other toxins – returning the body to its original quality of health. Organs cleansed undergo purification, bringing all systems back into one overall, transcendent, synergistic system – THE BODY. Blood restructured and restored on the molecular level – achieving full functioning of the blood’s components and optimal management of the body at its prime condition. Viscosity levels of blood and other fluids restored – eliminating stagnancy in circulatory systems and achieving proper fuels/lubricants/transmitters fluid combination for the full functioning of the body. Proper alkaline/acidic (ph) balance maintained – the single most important factor in proper body functioning. Blood and lymph circulation corrected to the proper systemic-related circulation – restoring the systems that feeds and detoxifies each individual cell of the body, allowing it to be clean and fully nourished again, and in this way restoring the body to a like-new, pristine condition, and returning it to perfect health. Veins, arteries, and lymphatic vessels are cleansed and strengthened – the basic condition of good health. As a result of the above, the body will begin to self-heal. According to reports, most mild illnesses will cease to exist, as our natural organic system of rejuvenation works diligently to restore the body’s health.

Organic Leech Face-Lift

In today’s fast, demanding, and extremely competitive business and social world, what counts is speed, multitasking, professionalism, wisdom, confidence, and positive physical appearance. Among these advantages, “good looks” is often the first that is sought after, because of the positive social and professional impact produced by good first impressions. Unfortunately, as years progress, wrong diet choices, stress, and the presence of chemicals and other toxins in the environment stamp our faces with the merciless marks of advancing age and poor overall health. In attempts to remedy these negative facial effects, conventional medicine has produced several methods, all of them containing serious drawbacks.

The only two completely safe and effective methods are those utilizing herbs and leeches. The problem with the herbal approach is that in this polluted world, one cannot be certain where the herbs needed came from, under what conditions they were grown, and in what manner they were processed. Also, when the herbal facial process is used, it takes a very long time to see results.

The second protocol utilizes natural leech enzymes. The results can be astonishing and long-lasting. Celebrities who opt for natural methods, without surgeries and chemicals, often use this phenomenal leech application. One of these celebrities is Demi Moore, who gave several accounts of her positive experience with leech therapy. Her youthful face speaks for itself. (See Demi Moore’s Leech therapy interview on YouTube)

The leech organic face-lift is the only facial solution that can claim to be effective and long-lasting, safe, noninvasive, drugless, and all natural with no side effects. It can dramatically reduce facial lines and wrinkles – smoothing and tightening the skin and providing it with a youthful glow. At our Center, we provide totally organic leech face-lifts in the form of face masks that contains only those unique natural enzymes produced by leeches. Through this therapy, patients can begin to experience the gift of a younger, smoother, and more radiant complexion – with signs of aging and other skin conditions significantly reduced.

While still relatively unknown in America, leech organic face-lifts have a long history. What was once a beauty secret practiced among the geishas of Japan is now a common health and cosmetic choice of beauty experts in Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, and other European nations. And now leech organic face-lifts are being discovered by American actors and actresses, models, newscasters, and other high-profile personalities – individuals who are professionally concerned about their facial appearance and interested in finding safe, results-producing, alternative treatments.

Leech saliva contains many bioactive enzymes. When applied to the body through a mask-like coating, these substances have been noted to:

· Increase blood and lymph circulation within tissues · Dissolve unwanted impurities and deposits within the skin
· Increase skin elasticity and tightness · Provide many natural antibiotics
· Reduce inflammation within tissues · Kill unwanted bacteria within the skin
· Rejuvenate blood vessels · Relax and smooth skin

Our center may provide an all-natural leech organic face-lift as the concluding part of any leech therapy, or it can be experienced as a separate treatment by itself.

Local Leech Application Per Ailment

For specific local applications, scientists from France, Israel, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey and the United States have created a list of 530 illnesses where leech therapy will have maximum impact on bringing homeostasis to the body.
You will find that our New York City center provides solutions developed and perfected through centuries of practice. Our remedy addresses conditions such as:

· Infections · Cysts
· Eye Problems · Hearing Problems (Tinnitus)
· Vertigo · Hemorrhoids
· Sexual Dysfunctions · Spine Problems
· Sinuses · Asthma
· Eczema · Joint Problems
· Bloodclots · Infertility
· Chronic Pain · High Blood Pressure
· Arthritis · High Cholesterol
· Liver Problems · Kidney Problems
· Migraines · Chronic Pain
· Varicose Veins / Spider Veins · Prostate
· Heart Complications · Allergies
· Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) · Sciatic Nerve (Sciatica)
· Skin Conditions · Diabetes
· Bladder Problems · Intestinal Problems

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We Can Help...

· If you are suffering from constant pain which is holding you back from living life and achieving your goals...

· If you are a mother dealing with today’s demands of work and child rearing, we can help alleviate stress, as well as physical aches and pains...

· If you are a young professional working in today’s highly competitive and fiscally uncertain world, we can help you maintain maximum physical and mental well-being...

· If you’re beginning to feel disadvantaged by pains and discomforts of age and want to keep up with co-workers or just your young grandchildren, we will structure a natural course of treatment that is designed to provide you with new energy that will bring your health above and beyond anything you have ever experienced...

Learn more about what the Silesian Holistic Center can offer, read about our therapies and call us today for a free consultation.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that whole-body health can be achieved through natural cleansing and detoxification. By unlocking our natural ability to self-heal, once the cause (toxins) are eliminated, the body restores its natural homeostasis: unspoiled, uncorrupted and unpolluted.

At the Silesian Holistic Center of New York, we can help you on this journey. And it will change your life.

We believe these two simple Laws of Nature guide all of the Center’s treatments.

· The living human body is an organic creature that responds negatively to unnatural substances, reacting to them as poisons.

· To heal the body is to cleanse the body, and then feed the body with natural, nutrient-rich foods.

The human body has always encountered impurities. Our natural filters – organs like the liver, pancreas, kidneys and lymphatic system are overwhelmed by contaminants created by the modern world. Where do these illness-producing pollutants come from? The answer is… everywhere! From the polluted air we breathe, the genetically modified food we eat (GMO), the heavily fluoridated & chlorinated water we drink and the synthetic manufactured products we use.

Among the most damaging assaults on our body are those chemicals, bacteria, molds, and fungi introduced through food processing. The widespread use of refined sugar and flour, along with artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colorants and flavoring in nearly all our processed food has made healthy eating almost impossible. The other group of deadly substances that damage our health includes synthetic chemicals masquerading as naturally occurring nutrients, synthetic drugs, antibiotics, cosmetics, household chemicals, and plastics that leach fumes into our homes, food, and bodies. Because of all this, your body can not function as it was designed, you are losing energy, brightness of mind and fine tuning of your body. The modern solution is to add more chemicals (drugs) to an already poisoned body. The holisitic solution is to remove those chemicals and toxins that cause these illnesses.

To do that - the Comprehensive Body Leech Detoxification has no equal in the world.

A Word on Nutrition

Food is the most important medicine we take into our bodies. It can cure the “incurable” or kill the healthy. Food, after all, is a pool of chemicals that affects our bodies. In the past we were in tune with nature, just like animals in the wild still are today. Now, we are tuned into TV corporate propaganda. Unfortunately for us, we made eating first and foremost a subject of social art and theatrical rituals as oppose to it being a natural process, where food is the means of achieving a proper and healthy existence. We are paying for this flamboyancy dearly. Our hospitals are full; we are obese, sick, and slaves to financial greed. We are dependent on false promises of “miracle” pills. No pill can equal the positive health effects of a lifetime of good eating practices. But eating “right” is not easy. With each generation, food has become less natural, especially within the last half century. Go to a nearby supermarket, or even a farmers’ market. One would have to look hard to find food that was not... · Injected · Sprayed · Modified · Polluted · Engineered or industrially processed · Nutritionally devalued in some profound way In fact, it takes guidance and a conscious effort just to return to the healthy eating habits and bounty of wholesome food that past generations took for granted. For this reason, the Silesian Holistic Center of New York works with patients to help them rethink issues concerning food and nutrition. Our food philosophy is that the real healing through food is not by what you ADD to your diet, but what you SUBTRACT from it. We know this is difficult to comprehend at first. A Nutrition Example Involving Man’s Best Friend There are pages and pages of research document the negative effects unnatural foods have on whole-body health. Perhaps the simplest way to understand the effects of poor nutrition is by turning to the family dog. Domesticated dogs, like us, eat mostly processed, synthetic food. When our pets are compared to their wild canine cousins, the case is clear – our pet dogs are ill, obese and dying prematurely, like us. They are sharing the same illnesses with us, which is unheard of in the wilderness. In contrast, dogs in the wild eat only natural food – RAW MEAT ONLY. They lead full, robust, and sexually vital lives. They do not go to the vet. They are lean, have good eyesight, strong legs, strong teeth, healthy gums, and good clean breath. And the primary difference between these two types of dogs is in their diets – natural food versus “industrialized,” or rather, “criminalized” food. Once an Eden, Now Spoiled In the “modern” food system even the very soil that plants grow in is debased. Robbed of nutrients by over-farming and deprived of natural fertilizer, the soil is dosed with artificial fertilizers, which contain only 4 of the 76 minerals that we need for good health. And the animals that provide us with meat eat these same nutritionally depleted crops and are stuffed with “fast growth” hormones. Look at 7-year-old boys with breasts or physically developed 9-year-old girls, the result of consumption of such hormone-laced food, and tons of antibiotics. Even worse, animals raised for food are fed a diet that contains animal by-products. Indirectly, through the poultry, beef, and pork we consume, we unknowingly and daily eat these same meat by-products – hoofs, bones, fat, joints, jaws, teeth, eyes, horns, skin, and other noxious parts of animals – which are used in many common food, cosmetic, and other consumer products. The unnaturalness of eating animal by-products is underlined by the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease. It is now widely accepted that Mad Cow Disease was engendered when cows and cattle were forced to eat feed that contained by-products of their own species, in effect making them barnyard cannibals. The food industry’s drive to maximize production and profits has no end and unwittingly we support that. Harmful Additives and Processes Other unnatural ingredients are found in all commercial food products. These substances include refined sugar and flour (flour turns to sugar in our bodies), corn syrup, and also artificial sweeteners – aspartame contained in diet drinks and other foods, preservatives, colorants, and flavors. The result is food that is completely destroying our bodies – food that acts almost like an illness because our bodies have no means and strength to fight off or digest non-natural chemicals. The liver, kidney, and pancreas, which are the primary organs that filter out toxic substances, are over-burdened by corrupted food and sugar and can begin to fail in their main mission, which is to metabolize our ingested food, fight infections, and produce digestive enzymes. Since the middle of the last century, our health continues to deteriorate more and more. Corporate interest gets bigger, our health poorer. Now it is up to us to reject propaganda and dogma, say no, and begin doing what it takes to restore our health and cleanse our bodies.

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