Leech Therapy Treatment

November 14th, 2012 SHC


The Silesian Holistic Center of New York provides Leech therapy for treating numerous conditions. While the expert application of leeches to purify and heal plays a prominent role in the whole-body wellness mission of the Silesian Holistic Center of New York, there is also growing awareness of the Medical Leech Therphy and leech’s unique therapeutic powers in the world of conventional modern medicine.

FDA Approved

Leech therapy on a man's hand in holistic center.In 2004, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), granted approval of the use of medicinal leeches, as a “medical device,” the first living creatures to be so designated. With its approval the FDA recognized the anti-clotting property of leech saliva, which reduces blood pooling and encourages blood flow to damaged tissue and the growth of new blood vessels. Leeches are now routinely used, post-surgery, in fingers, toes, ear, scalp, and eyelid reattachments; limb transplants; skin flap surgery associated with severe burns; and breast reconstruction.

History of Leeches

The history of using leeches as a medical treatment goes back thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans commonly practiced this form of therapy to balance the inner ecology of the human body. Throughout the Middle Ages, and up to modern times, physicians believed in the curative and cleansing powers of leech therapy, and it was widely accepted as a standard treatment. Interest in leeches began to fade in the early 20th century, although in many parts of Europe this type of therapy remained popular, easily available, and within the repertoire of approved health treatments. Now, with the FDA’s approval of leeches as medical devices, and with the recent arrival of well-trained and certified leech therapists, especially from Eastern Europe, the United States is experiencing a revival of interest in this safe and promising therapy.

If you want to try Leech therapy or want to learn more about it contact us and we will answer your questions here at the Silesian Holistic Center.